Search Engine Marketing Concepts has been providing professional web design, optimization and search engine marketing services since 2000. We are not your traditional SEO Firm that focuses on just backlinks and placement. Google has changed the way SEO works in today's marketing world. Simply building a website and having onsite SEO implemented, will not work anymore. Google has intoduced several algorithm changed that has played havoc with a lot of businesses webites. Websites now rank based on user experience. If the website answers the users questions and have a lower bounce rate it will rank better.

Search marketing has grown by more than 100% in over two years. Ultimately, search is where people go and find things,. The fact is that brands are getting savvier to the fact that their content is going to live in a lot more places than just on TV. Search is the one medium that's truly accountable and track able. According to research studies, search is now being used to justify traditional media budgets. We're matching up query volume to TV broadcast. When something goes national we can see the search spike and that way we're able to show the value in TV advertising. That accountability wasn't there before.