• SEO will help you create a user friendy website.
  • Open up your business to explore new markets.
  • Improve your conversion rates.
  • Locate new customers and improve growth.
  • Open your business 24 hours a day.
  • SEO is helps boots social media marketing.
  • Build a dedicated fan base with email marketing.
  • Build brand awareness through better rankings.


Get More Quality Leads


Are you looking to Establish a Strong Reputable Presence Online?


Website Analysis: We conduct a very extreme analysis of the architecture of your website, making sure that that every single page is optimized and that they meet the requirements for the public as well as the search engines. That way there is nothing holding you back from success.

Strong Content Strategies: We will also optimize the content on your current webpages and developing new content to increase your lead conversion. As quoted by Google, "Content Is King".

Laser Keyword Targeting: We will conduct research to find the best performing keywords in your business and assign integrate them to increase your sales performance.


We search for industry related authoritative resources, such as niche directories. We only use reputable links.


Analytic traffic reports: We set up a custom Google Analytics account so that our customers can have access to their SEO campaign information at all times.

Monthly Keyword ranking reports: We provide our clients with a monthly keyword search placement report.

Link building reports: You will also receive a monthly report listing what back links we acquire each month for your website.

Competitor Analysis – An SEO Consultant services company should be able to analyze SEO strategy being followed by your competitors. It is important to understand where your competitors stand in search engines and what sort of results you can expect from your website.

Questions Our Customers Asked The Most

1. What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the application of different techniques to boost the search engine rankings of a website. These techniques may include off-site and on-site SEO. SEO is an important part of any successful online marketing plan. Just about any website can get better rankings from SEO. For more information on SEO, read our online guide: What is SEO?

2. Are you a White Hat SEO Company?

Yes. We only use White SEO techniques. The techniques we use, meet the requirements of Google's latest guidelines. We also use our directories to conduct research studies, giving us an edge over our competition. It also gives our clients an advantage over their competitors. resource center.

3. Do you outsource your SEO Services?

No. We take care of all our clients in-house. This the only way to ensure that they get the absolute best quality SEO services possible. Our clients should have experts working on their SEO marketing campaigns and that's what they get.

4. How long will it take to move higher on the search engines?

Since there are over 200 ranking parameters to optimize, the amount of time can vary. Based on our experience, clients typically see a significant improvement in the first 90 days and with more competitive search terms around six months.

5. Do you have to make changes to website?

Usually we do not have to change your website's design. Most changes consists of code and or content. Our clients can have our staff make those changes or we can also provide directions; if you would prefer to make those changes internally.

6. Do you guarantee your services?

Google warns business owners to stay away from companies with guarantee rankings. Google's algorithms change frequently and they keep those changes a secret. SEMC has been monitoring the search engine algorithm changes since 2001. This insures that our clients receive the highest level of results. While no one can guarantee rankings, we have years of experience delivering results to our clients.

7. Can you remove a Google Penalty?

Yes, we have successful removed Google penalties from all kinds of websites. If you are having these types of issues, we can get your website back in good standing.

8. What SEO Tools do you use?

Google Analytic, Google Search Console, etc. We use any and all tools available to provide our clients the best service possible.

9. What is the price of your SEO Services?

The cost of an SEO campaign depends on the targeted keywords, the condition and history of your website, also the type of industry and size of the market place. We have affordable marketing plans for all sizes and types of businesses. Contact us for a free consultation today.

10. Can you SEO a website for countries outside the United States?

Yes. We can build websites for any business that is located in any country. We have built websites that are in multiple languages.

11. Can SEO increase my business leads?

Yes. SEO has proven many times over that if done correctly, it will increase the number of consumers coming to the website. The more consumers going to a website the more leads a website generates.

12. Do you build links?

Yes. We can builds links. Link building is a SEO task that requires research and strategy consisting of, domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) rankings, to complete the task successfully.

13. What makes you different from other SEO companies?

We have more years of experience than a lot of SEO companies. We are also one of the only SEO companies that owns and maintains its own directories. Our directories enable us to have immediate traffic for clients and allows us to monitor every change in every market that the search engines make at all times.

14. Can you market E-commerce websites?

Yes. We can successfully SEO an e-commerce website. Some e-commerce websites require a different strategy, due to the fact they have multiple products available to consumers.

15. Where do you get your keywords from?

We use some of the latest ketword software and Google Keyword Research Tools.

16. Why should my business do SEO?

Today, organic or natural traffic is the primary source for online traffic. Website traffic is one of the most important components in acquiring new business. Studies show, most consumers search online before leaving the home to make purchases.